Guidance to staff and students - September 2020

This guidance relates to procedures and processes in place to allow face-to-face learning sessions to commence in September 2020. It applies to all staff, students and governors coming to the College campus. There will be separate guidance for visitors and contractors.

From September The Henley College will re-open for classes, providing a full curriculum with full attendance by staff and students. This guidance relates to movement to and from College and whilst on College premises. Throughout your time in College, staff and students should follow social distancing guidelines, both in classrooms and around campus. Students should not congregate into large groups in any communal areas such as Reception or the Canteen area. This would also apply in the communal areas outside, such as the seating areas outside D1 and R4.  

Classroom procedures on conduct by students during teaching sessions will be provided separately.

If you feel unwell, and particularly if you have any of the three designated symptoms of Coronavirus (a fever, a new and continuous cough or have loss of sense of smell or taste) then do not come to College, stay at home, inform the College as normal and follow the government advice available at

If you are tested, and receive a positive result, please inform the College as soon as possible by calling 01491 579988, emailing  so that the College can take appropriate measures to protect other staff and students.

Following updated government advice, all students and staff are required to wear a face covering whenever they are walking in corridors or in interior communal areas such as Reception and canteens. All staff will have access to a personal visor to wear as well. Where people are in these areas, without wearing a face covering, they will be asked courteously by a member of staff to use a face covering. Where an individual is exempt from wearing a face covering, due to an underlying medical condition, we will respect this.

Everyone should also follow the guidance from national campaigns such as the “Catch it, Bin it, Kill it” campaign and with the essential regular hand washing message using with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds, or to use a de-sanitizer.  These simple hygiene procedures help to reduce the spread of infections and helps protect staff and students.

When you come to College, it will look and feel different. There will be more signs around the College, and classrooms will be set up to comply with social distancing requirements. There will be restricted catering facilities available and no vending machines will be operational. If you wish you may bring your own drink, food and snacks to College, but do not share cups and pots with others. 

Travel to and from College

Pathways students will maintain their normal procedures for arriving and leaving College and this will help avoid a build-up of people in any one area to reduce the possibility of breaching social distancing rules. Wherever possible, one parent should accompany students to College.

College coaches will operate as normal, but will only accept students with valid passes. The Coach operators have developed their own Covid-19 operating procedures and students need to comply with any instructions from coach drivers. As per government guidance, wherever possible, try to avoid using public transport. For many, however, that will not be possible and staff and students must then follow the government guidance in place for using public transport, namely following social distancing guidance, wearing face coverings and so on.

Students who are travelling to College by car, should be dropped off on Deanfield Road. Once dropped off, students should make their way to their classrooms following the directional signs. Current guidance from the government advises against car-sharing unless it is a family member or someone within your own family “bubble”.  Students should not congregate where they have been dropped off, but should move towards their classroom, to allow others to arrive at College.

Students will be picked up from the same location at the end of the College day, and the same rules on social distancing and traffic flow remain in place.

Entry to College buildings

When you arrive at College, you must wash your hands or use the de-sanitizer which will be available before going to your classroom. You should then wash your hands/use sanitizer regularly throughout the day, and especially after breaks.

As per current government guidance, there is no mandatory requirement to wear a face covering in classes or offices where social distancing is maintained, but where an individual wishes to wear a face covering, that is an individual choice which will be respected. Members of staff can request their own individual visor for use in class and communal areas if they wish.

Entry to D1 ground floor will be through the main Reception entrance and for D1 first floor, entry will be via the entrance at D2 on that level. Access to your designated classroom will be clearly sign-posted. There will be one-way access to each classroom and students are asked to keep left on corridors and on the stairs. Do not use the lift in D1 to get to the Cuthbert Suite.

Entry to D2 will be at the usual entrance off Gravel Road.

The doors on the Deanfield Road side of D5 will not be operational and entry to D5 will be from the Quad-side entrance.

All other buildings will use their normal entry points.

College premises

All College buildings will operate a system of movement to make the safest use of space and maintain a safe environment. Some buildings, such as D1, D2, D4 and the ground floor of D5 will operate a one-way system of movement to avoid “pinch points” and unnecessary congregation of students. All other buildings on the Deanfield campus, and all buildings on the Rotherfield campus will operate a “Keep Left” with appropriate signage to assist students in getting to and from classrooms. The corridors are required for the movement between classes and should not be used for seating, unless there is a designated seat in place.

Toilet areas will be in operation and you are asked to wipe down any surfaces you have come into contact with, after use, to protect yourself and others. Where a toilet is in use, wait outside in the corridor at a safe distance.


As noted above, classroom procedures have been drawn up by academic staff for each type of classroom, and you should follow those procedures.

Students should arrive at their classroom as near to the lesson start time as possible, to avoid unnecessary queues in corridors outside of classrooms.

All classrooms have been set up to meet social distancing requirements for both staff and students, and have sanitizers and wipes available. This means that for the majority of classrooms, they have been set up with all desks facing forward and with a 2-metre gap between students and the teacher. To protect yourself, and others, wipe down the chair, desk, and if necessary, the computer at the desk you are using, when you enter the room, and again when the session is over.  Bins are available for used wipes. You should sit in the same seat in each classroom with the same fellow student beside you. Failure to follow social distancing requirements will be dealt with by the teacher, and may lead to further action.

Use your own stationery items and do not share with others. No food or drinks, other than bottled water may be consumed in the classroom.

When the class is over, please leave the classroom by the designated exit, leaving any used wipes in the bins. Follow the signage to your next classroom or to one of the communal areas/exits.

Cuthbert Suite, Learning Resource Centres, Library and Meeting Rooms/Tutorial Rooms

Each room has a maximum capacity and staff and students are reminded that we need to maintain social distancing requirements at all times, so the numbers in each room needs to be controlled by the senior member of staff present. No food or drinks, other than bottled water may be consumed in these areas.

Staff Workrooms/Office areas

Where there are shared facilities such as kettles, cups, plates and cutlery, staff should clean down anything they use after usage. Wherever possible, staff should not share cups and plates and any food brought in should be clearly marked for that individual.

Communal areas

Social distancing requirements apply in all communal areas. This will also apply to queues for the Canteen

Do not congregate in groups in the Reception, or other, communal areas, both internally and externally.

The canteen areas have been set up to meet social distancing requirements including when queuing for food. Tables will be available to eat your meal, with no more than two chairs per table – do not move chairs together, nor put additional chairs at a table.

The canteens will provide a full range of hot and cold food, though there will be no “Self Service “ option and will accept payment by card (preferable) and by cash.

At Rotherfield, tables and chairs for eating lunch will be set up in the main Rotherfield Hall. This will be reviewed when the Hall is required for examinations.

As with classrooms, anyone using a table in the canteens must wipe it clean with a disinfectant wipe after use, putting the wipe in the appropriate rubbish bag, and put all other rubbish in the main rubbish bin.

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